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Vision & Approach

I can hardly think of anything more common and at the same time life changing than pregnancy and birth. They are, to me, super natural phenomena, personal earthquakes that can be equally beautiful as challenging. They may offer the greatest opportunities for growth and for learning about life itself.


As a doula, I trust birth and your ability to surf its highs and lows; everything it might entail. I will invite you to take it as an opportunity to get more connected to life, to who you are, to your wild and simple sides.

If we work together towards birth, I will go into it as if it were my first time; being curious and finding out together with you what it is that you want or need. This can be a great creative process.

Gaining more insight into your want and needs - or getting more comfortable with the fact that there are certain things you don't know and cannot control - can help develop more and more self-confidence.


What I do is offer you security and confirmation; space to make your own choices and a guarantee that I will be on your side no matter what.

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