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How I work

When you consider hiring me as a doula, we first make an appointment for an introductory meeting (live, online or over the phone), during  which you can ask me anything you want and we check out whether there is a mutual click. We explore what it is you are looking for in a doula and whether I fulfil those requirements.


If I do and you decide you want to work with me, I will send you a contract (according to the agreements we make) and an intake form and we plan our first session; sometimes we also make a (tentative and provisional) planning for the whole trajectory.


Before the birth, I preferably see you at least two times, usually at your home. During these prenatals not only do we work on preparing the (upcoming) birth, but we also give attention to your (current) experience of the pregnancy. And we might look ahead towards the period after birth.


The sessions' content can vary, according to your needs. Maybe you want to know a lot, gather information, think about possible choices, write a birth plan/ list of birth wishes. Maybe you want to get "out of your head" and "into your body" and feel a need for massage and touch. Maybe you want to share a lot and express what you feel. Or possibly you want to work practically, with techniques you or your partner can apply during birth.


Often these prenatals are a mix of all aspects mentioned above and we shape them step by step, they become a creative process that involves us getting to know each other better and better. Also outside the sessions you can contact me for questions or consultation.

From week 37 of your pregnancy on (three weeks before your "official" estimated due date) I will go on call and make sure I can be reached by you 24 hours a day, so that I can come and join you at any moment, when labor begins.

During the entire birth I will stay with you. The location does not matter: at home, in a birth centre or in hospital: I am there with you and I go with you when there is a transfer. My role during the birth depends on your preferences. Often I am there for emotional support in the first place. As a beacon of trust and calm. As the birth unfolds, I can come with suggestions that can help you in different phases. I can help a partner support the birthing person and be there for them. I can help you to stay focused on yourself, to continually know what it is you want in different situations, to make choices and communicate them. I can support you physically, by means of massage and touch. In short, I will use all my creativity to make sure your birth is as positive and as pleasurable as possible.

Up to a couple of hours after baby is born, I will stay with you, and when we all feel that the time is right, I will go home, but I stay in touch. Within two or three days I will pass by for a first postnatal visit, during which we can discuss the birth, and and you can share on how things are going. Should there be anything that demands extra attention, we can discuss it and I might have some tips or perspectives that can help you. If you wish, I can refer you to a good lactation consultant or other professional.

During the postpartum period of six weeks after the birth I will remain available for your stories and questions. I find this is often an intense period, that is generally underestimated. If you are in need of support during this time, you can call me. And preferably I will come by another time (besides the first time shortly after the birth), taking all the time in the world to give you all my attention and, if you like, a full-body postpartum massage.

That is in a nutshell a basic way in which I like to work. But everyone is different: some people might like a smaller package, or, on the contrary, prefer more contact: a lot is possible. Please check Packages & Prices to find out more about what I offer.

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