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Before meeting Amber, I didn't really know what a doula was and I was quite sceptical about the phenomenon... Why would one want to hire a doula? I already have a midwife! Later, I understood that these roles were not oppositional, but complimentary. Amber has been a real partner for my birth; she was the sweet and reassuring presence that we needed. Through her words, her massages, she reminded me that I knew that I was able to succeed in having the natural birth at home that I had wished for. If they had told me, the little french girl so overly sensitive to pain, that I'd give birth at my place without an epidural within four hours at the most, I wouldn't have believed it!

After the birth, she has been the comforting friend who helped me navigate through the troubled waters of postpartum.

Amber is a superb doula because she is a beautiful person who's attentive, thoughtful and involved. Resorting to her services has indisputably been the best investment we have done for this birth. We will always keep the memory of these moments that have been the cement of meeting our son. Thank you. (Windlamita Kientega, Amsterdam)

Sometimes the way in which the pieces of this beautiful puzzle of life falls together really amazes us, doesn’t it?

When we stop to think about this time we have spent together our hearts are filled with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for having you by our side. Above all, we share a sense of profound admiration by how you have perfectly managed to fit in. It is as if the Amber rain of love has inundated, nurtured and fed us through a very important bit of this parenthood journey.

In these last weeks, beyond preparation and full-on commitment, both online and in-person, you have brought us a rare and precious warmness. Like a gezellige blanky with a massage bottom. You are one of those people that shine and exhale love upon arrival. Honestly, it did not take long to enjoy onboarding you in setting this baby puzzle up with us. 

If there is one thing we can say for certain is that you literally got our back. Further, we have also found out that Amber’s monsoon of love can be quite versatile. For instance, on the birth night, you started out as an angel driver, moved on to become a lioness advocate and ended up as a restless contraction-soothing machine.

(...) [W]e would like you to know that you have earned your keep and played a very significant role in [our baby’s] birth. 

With love (Nadieh Fleminks and Matheus Monteiro, Amsterdam)

Amber graciously traveled to my home to give my sister a pregnancy massage at my last minute request. She is such a wonderful human, with magic hands! My sister said it was truly the best massage of her life. (Natalie Greene, Amsterdam)

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