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Birth assistance and birth preparation

A doula can do a lot of things... But the most important thing, I think, is that she is: a continuous and reliable presence.

If you choose to work with me for your birth, you can fly me in whenever you want, but optimally, we would try to start preparing from about the 26th week of your pregnancy.

Here is a list of tools and techniques that I offer as part of birth assistance and birth preparation:

  • mental and emotional support; being your soundboard, "seeing" you, or even coaching you; being available, also outside office hours

  • massage & touch & (other) comfort measures; also teaching the partner; also see below

  • working on a birth plan or list of birth wishes, a tool that can help you define what you would like your birth to be like (and what you want to avoid); and a tool for communication with all involved in your birth

  • providing you with and helping you find information to support your choices

  • exercises: for breathing, visualizations; mindfulness, hypno-birthing, etc.

  • suggesting postures (both during the birth and in preparation)

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  • accompanying you on visits to your medical care provider, as part of preparing your birth and building relations / a birth-team; and/or as an "interpreter", helping you to formulate questions and obtaining clarity

Post-partum care
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  • helping you prepare for the postnatal period in advance; helping you mobilize your network and create solid support

  • preparing dishes that are especially suitable and nourishing after birth

If birth is the climax, leading up to moments of ultimate ecstasy, the period right after is one of ultimate recovery, one of joy in patient healing, and in getting to know new life.

It is often forgotten, I think, how vulnerable this time is. And how essential. The newborn baby needs simple yet continuous and intensive care. The mother is ideally enabled to provide that care, by being cared for herself.

In many cultures, a 40-day (6 weeks) to three month resting period is traditional. During this period mothers are taken care of by women (family or friends) that surround them. In modern Western society, these traditions have largely been lost.

As a postnatal doula I can come to accompany you and your partner after birth, holding space, and offering:

  • mental and emotional support; being your soundboard, "seeing" you, listening to your story, helping your release your emotions

  • massage & touch & (other) comfort measures / body work; to help you find your peace and balance

  • giving you information and suggestions that can help you better understand what is happening to your body and how you can support this process; put things in perspective


During pregnancy, birth, and in the period after, your body goes through enormous changes. Often, so do spirit and mind. You may experience discomfort, or maybe you feel you can't always keep up with everything that is happening.

Massage can be a way to honor your changing body, let it know that everything is alright, to re-balance yourself, body and soul.

It is also a very effective comfort measure during birth; helping the body to release endorphins, its natural pain-killers, and signalling safety to your brain, instead of pain.

I find it important to make a genuine connection with you, while I massage; follow my intuition and listen closely to how your body replies to my touch and to what it demands.

Massage is a standard (optional) aspect of my doula support, both during pregnancy and post partum. You can book a separate, full body session as well, also if you are not a doula (package) client.

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