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During pregnancy, birth, and in the period after, your body goes through enormous changes. Often, so do spirit and mind. You may experience discomfort, or maybe you feel you can't always keep up with everything that is happening.

Massage can be a way to honor your changing body, let it know that everything is alright, to re-balance yourself, body and soul.

It is also a very effective comfort measure during birth; helping the body to release endorphins, its natural pain-killers, and signalling safety to your brain, instead of pain.

I find it important to make a genuine connection with you, while I massage; follow my intuition and listen closely to how your body replies to my touch and to what it demands.

Massage is a standard (optional) aspect of my doula support, both during pregnancy and post partum. You can book a separate, full body session as well, and for some women a series of (pregnancy and/or postpartum) massages make the ultimate birth preparation / after-care.

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