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Birth assistance and birth preparation

A doula can do a lot of things... But the most important thing, I think, is that she is: a continuous and reliable presence.

If you choose to work with me for your birth, you can fly me in whenever you want, but optimally, we would try to start preparing from about the 26th week of your pregnancy.

Here is a list of tools and techniques that I offer as part of birth assistance and birth preparation:

  • mental and emotional support; being your soundboard, "seeing" you, or even coaching you; being available, also outside office hours

  • massage & touch & (other) comfort measures; also teaching the partner; also see below

  • working on a birth plan or list of birth wishes, a tool that can help you define what you would like your birth to be like (and what you want to avoid); and a tool for communication with all involved in your birth

  • providing you with and helping you find information to support your choices

  • exercises: for breathing, visualizations; mindfulness, hypno-birthing, etc.

  • suggesting postures (both during the birth and in preparation)

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  • accompanying you on visits to your medical care provider, as part of preparing your birth and building relations / a birth-team; and/or as an "interpreter", helping you to formulate questions and obtaining clarity

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